Welcome To SD Indonesia Persada Gemilang
We would like to share with you that we had open our first batch Primary School in July 2008. This Primary School is extended education from the Indonesia Montessori - Kindergarten but it will be open for anybody who wants to have quality education in Indonesia.
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Indonesia Achievers Events

October 2020

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01.03.13 Presentation Day My Hero & Good Character (P1 & P2 Class) SD Indonesia Achievers  
01.03.13 Market Day ( P3 & P4 Class ) SD Indonesia Achievers  
09.01.13 Fieldtrip At Kandank Jurank Doank  
09.01.13 Outbond at Kandank Jurank Doank Ciputat  
07.01.13 First day to school in 2nd Semester SD Indonesia Persada Gemilang  
03.01.13 Parents Teacher Conference SD Indonesia Achievers

PTC will be held on 3rd and 4rd January 2013

24.12.12 School Holiday SD Indonesia Achievers

School holiday start from 22nd December 2012 until 6th January 2013.

" Happy New Year "

21.12.12 Dancing performance at Taman Ismail Marzuki taman Ismail Marzuki

The children will perform tradisional dancing " Kampuang nan jauh Di mata" from Padang

18.12.12 Caring and sharing SD Indonesia Achievers

Caring and Sharing will be held on Tuesday 18th December 2012. We will distribute sembako to people who live near to our school.

01.12.12 Garage Sale SD Indonesia Achievers