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We would like to share with you that we had open our first batch Primary School in July 2008. This Primary School is extended education from the Indonesia Montessori - Kindergarten but it will be open for anybody who wants to have quality education in Indonesia.
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Indonesia Achievers News

Persari April 24th 2013

This is the first experience to follow Persari All childrens really enjoyed Persari. They learned to be more independent, to care for others, and love each other.

Presentation & Market Day 1st &2nd March 2013

Our presentation theme of this year is " My Hero and Good Character". All students from primary 1 - primary 4 presented their favorite figure". Wow..... its very nice... : )

Garage Sale

Garage sale held on 1st December 2012.We are sell clothes, bag, shoes, blanket etc. The money from garage sale will be donated to poor people who lived around Utan Kayu Jakarta Timur

Sport Day

Sport day is one of our event in 1st semester. We invited parents and children to play the fun game. We have many competitions and everybody enjoyed the games. ...

1st Annual Concert 9 June 2012

1st Annual Concert " Driving Family Dream" 9 June 2012 at Zeni Kartika AD Matraman

Dentist Visit 14th May 2012

Routine dental examinations are held in SD Indonesia achievers. The doctor said to the children to keep the teeth clean and do not eat too many candies because it cause caries. So don't forget kids to brush your teeth :)


Open house on Saturday, dec 3rd 2011 at 9 - 11 am Venue : Jl. Utan Kayu No 20 Jakarta Timur. Get special discount during Open House.

Fieldtrip to Ragunan

Hooray!!!! So much fun in our last Fieldtrip to the zoo. A journey that showed us many animals from the Primate animals, birds, deers, snake and the last the beautiful Pelican. We were happy and enjoyed many different species of animals and plants in Ragunan Zoo. A knowledge that we can bring home. :)

Happy Idul Fitri

Happy Idul Fitri 1432 H ...

Ramadhan Evening Special

During the fasting‚ Indonesia Achievers held a breakfasting program which held on 19th August 2011. We invited some orphans to join in this program. We had some students performances and a performance from the orphans. After pray‚ we e ...
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